Creating a better 

University Experience


The University of Western Australia Accounting Association is a student body where students interested in Accounting can come together to learn, share and grow their passions.


We aim to Inspire and Enable students interested in pursuing a career in Accounting by helping them develop business acumen and sharing industry knowledge in close partnership with professionals.

Our driving motivation is to be part of creating a holistic learning experience that extends beyond the scope of the academic accounting curriculum. 



As a newly affiliated student society - we are still in the budding stages of our development. It will take some time to put the right people and structures in place to ensure that we can add value to the student experience, not only now, now but into the future.


The UWA Accounting Association plans to bring deliverables to students in four overarching categories: networking and engagement, informative events, participative events and lastly; greater access to accounting-related work experience. 


We are at a really exciting point for Accounting students at UWA and implore you to join us as a member - be informed of our initiatives and at the forefront of the action!



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